WordPress Secure Website Hosting

Secure WordPress Website Hosting

I’ve provided website hosting in a variety of environments for over 400 clients since 1996.

We’ve made use of shared servers of different configurations, virtual private servers, dedicated boxes, and cloud-driven solutions.

While your business model may dictate that you do things a bit differently, most small to middle market businesses would benefit by having a trusted third party handle their web hosting.

The playing field has evolved quite a bit in the last 21 years. We’ve been through a few challenging server migrations and have learned the value of a dedicated web host with these qualities:

Industry Leading Uptime

Security is a given in today’s environment, but your server has to be more than just secure. It has to be available to load fast when that specially invited visitor shows up at your site.

Industry Leading Support

You want to be able to access someone in realtime, a person who can help you to get past that last bump you are experiencing with your WordPress site. Ideally, you’ll have a choice of telephone, text, email, and trouble-ticket, plus more.

I’ve experienced really great servers with solid “uptime”, good support, and good security and performance. I’ve also experienced what happens in the absence of those things. To me, it’s not worth the risk to go with cheap, poorly supported, website hosting.

Especially now, when rock solid hosting can be had reasonably, if you know where to go. I highly recommend SiteGround for your third party hosting solution.

SiteGround hosting is the best blend I’ve found of security, options,support and value.

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