AA alternative sobriety methods in the 4 Step Reading Room

The Reading Room – Sobriety Resources

A list of sobriety resources from both traditional 12-step and alternative approaches, complete with Amazon links. 

Added to my 4 steps are my 5 pillars for a healthy and alcohol-free life:

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The Truth About Addiction and Recovery

The first book I read when 12-step dogma started to feel like it wasn’t for me. A real eye-opener and very detailed.

Ever wonder how 12-step recovery compares to other methods or no methods at all? This book shares some stats on that.

Mindfulness for Alcohol Recovery

One of the selections in the space focusing on the mindfulness approach to alcohol recovery.

I’ve personally found that getting more authentically grounded was very challenging in early sobriety and extremely helpful in the long term.

Taming the Feast Beast

From Jack Trimpey, author of the original bombshell Rational Recovery

Rational Recovery by Jack Trimpey

One of the original alternatives to AA

Sober on a Drunk Planet

Sobriety Series of 2 in the Drunk Planet series

You Are Still In There

Understanding and Overcoming Addiction.

It’s a space with many alternative perspectives. I found that examining several of these was helpful in my first alcohol-free year.

Understanding Addiction

Know Science, No Stigma

You have to love that sub-headline!


A bold new approach to addiction and recovery.

Erica Spiegelman’s thoughts on addiction and recovery.

The Big Book

When you hear people reference the “Big Book” in AA, this is what they are talking about. The original 1939 edition.

The beginning of the 12-step recovery industry.

The Small Book

By Rational Recovery Author, Jack Trimpey.

An obvious wordplay on the AA Big Book, this is Dr. Trimpey’s version, which requires less space.

Experience, Strength, and Hope

This book is a collection of inspirational daily motivations compiled by date throughout the year. Each day of the year includes an experience that every listener can relate to – actual experience from the author’s life. The author, though now a practicing believer in Christ and pastor of a Christian church, once lived life as a practicing alcoholic. It is offered with humility and hope that others may also come to believe in this life-transforming Power as he has.

US of AA

In US of AA, Miller shares the never-before-told story of how in the aftermath of prohibition America’s top scientists helped launch a movement that would give rise to a multi-million-dollar treatment industry and a new government agency devoted to alcoholism that has made available millions of dollars for research. Despite the fact that this research showed that alcoholism is a complex disease requiring an array of treatment strategies, among which Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is one of the least effective, money continued to flow to treatment facilities using approaches similar to AA. Five years in the making, his brilliant, in-depth investigative reporting into the history, politics, and science of alcoholism will show how AA became our nation’s de facto treatment policy, even as evidence for more effective remedies accumulated.