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Sobering thoughts 5

The simple rules to share sobering thoughts at 4step sobriety:

Be respectful.

Don’t use profanity.

Don’t engage in personal attacks.

Don’t use this as a place to sell your stuff.

Those are the basics. Posts that don’t abide will either not make it through the filters or will be deleted.

Now for the suggestions.

Be love based. Be compassion based. Share thoughts that could be constructive for others who are searching for alternative sobriety solutions.

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5 thoughts on “Sobering thoughts

  • Ingrid cook

    Thank you!! I absolutely resonated with the info you present. I am grateful to learn of this system as the program I tried previously clearly did not work and left me feeling worse about myself.
    Now I just wish I lived in a place that is more conducive to pleasurable outdoor activity! It’s very humid where I currently reside. Reading may be a good substitute for starters. After all, it’s more difficult to read when the lines all blur together and the next day I don’t know where I left off!
    Thank you again!

  • Daniel Andrew Lockwood

    The beauty in the fabric of my life comes from all those events that have had a pleasant outcome; but the strength of it lies in those circumstances that have challenged me to be a better person. I’m therefore MORE thankful for the pain I’ve moved past than the pleasures I’ve experienced. I do not seek suffering as a means to improve myself, but there’s a wonderful comfort in knowing it’s capable of eventually providing increased gratitude.