Deep Breathing for Sobriety

I incorporated deep breathing into my walks after reading the book Conscious Breathing by Gaylord Hendricks. That was 30 years ago and now there are many great books out there about the tremendous benefits of deep breathing. Did you know that you can regulate blood sugar with deep breathing? Did you know that you can regulate stress with deep breathing? Did you know that you can empower your natural immunity system with deep breathing?

A simple sobriety tactic with a host of health benefits. Don’t be a shallow mouth breather. Learn to do deep nasal inhales and slow exhales. For me, the combination of vigorous walks and deep breathing improved my overall health significantly. My resting heart rate has gone from 65 to 50 over the 30 years that I’ve incorporated deep breathing walks into my lifestyle.

Don’t just get sober, get vibrant health while you’re at it 🙂

Conscious Breathing

by Gay Hendricks

This was the first book that opened my eyes to the amazing health benefits of deep breathing. It’s a free and simple tactic but one with profound benefits. You are breathing all the time anyway. Some minor changes in the way you do that can help you to reduce stress and successfully address addictions.

Breathing Techniques for Anxiety

This meditation is about 20 minutes long and includes four different settings:

  • Meditation on the beach
  • Meditation during a rainstorm
  • Meditation near a flowing creek
  • Meditation near a waterfall

Deep Breathing

In this book, you will discover the many benefits of regular breathwork practice, to improve lung health, but also more widely to overcome depression and addiction; have a more compassionate self-perception; better mental health and self-awareness; and feel more connected with spirituality.

Science has validated these benefits as a result of breathwork, as well as balancing the mind and body connections and helping reduce our body’s stress responses.

By using this book’s provided guided breathing exercises, you will be on the road to recovery and a healthier lifestyle. The right approach to breathing will strengthen your parasympathetic system, and increase the ability of your body to manage high levels of stress and regulate your emotions better. In our modern-day world of stress and vulnerability, we are all susceptible to illnesses that can be expelled with deep breathing exercises and kindness to our system before turning to medication.

This book will prove that we can, ultimately, change our well-being and state of health and mind, by learning how to manipulate our breath.

5 Guided Breathing Meditations

5 Guided Breathing Meditations is the combination of mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork practices to elevate the proven benefits are timeless.

Studies have also shown that breathwork and mindfulness meditation:

  • Help you become present
  • Increases your creative thinking
  • Enables you to get deep sleep
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Allows us to live a fuller life filled with love and compassion.

These proven and timeless practices will enable you to transform the way you interact with your internal and external world. It will help you declutter your mind, giving you space to think, reflect, and destress! It will increase your energy level for focus, attention, and long-term success.

This will work even if this is your first time meditating – even if you’ve tried before with little success or progress.

This audiobook includes five guided meditations and three bonus meditation soundtracks!